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We are heading into this holiday season in the midst of a global pandemic and economic downturn. Innovation and agility are vital to just survive. To thrive requires doing agile right.

Join Harvard Business Review Senior Editor, Steve Prokesch, in discussion with Matthew Shay, President and CEO of the National Retail Federation, and Darrell Rigby, Bain partner and co-author of Doing Agile Right, as they explore the way businesses are managing unpredictable, accelerating change this holiday season.

They will address:

  • How companies can create agility in their business to help weather this downturn
  • The major challenges and inspiring innovations that will define business outcomes this holiday season
  • The changing needs of customers, evolving more rapidly than ever before and requiring an agile approach from any company that wants to be a leader
  • The trend of senior business leaders modeling behavior that creates truly agile enterprises


Darrell Rigby
Partner, Bain & Company

Matthew Shay
President and CEO of the National Retail Federation

Steve Prokesch
Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

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