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Executives around the world share a single concern: How well do their organizations handle change, and how can they do it better?

As featured on the cover of the latest Harvard Business Review, Bain has developed a method for measuring an organization’s capacity for change – called their Change Power.

Join us for a virtual conversation with one of the authors and featured company, Assurant to find out how your organization stacks up on the nine traits and abilities that allow companies to excel at change – and how you can improve. Kevin Murphy, co-author and partner who leads Bain’s Co-creation Center of Excellence, will moderate a discussion with the current and future CEOs of Assurant, Alan Colberg and Keith Demmings.

This webinar covers content published in our Harvard Business Review article How Good is Your Company at Change?


Kevin Murphy
Partner and leader of Bain’s Co-creation Center of Excellence

Alan Colberg
Chief Executive Officer, Assurant, Inc.

Keith Demmings
President, Assurant, Inc.

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